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The board and sfutt
Cat's fan club



The main board of cat's fan club "FCat Land Israel" include President, two Vice presidents and Main registrator.
The staff of our clube include Show manager, show hall team, breed directors, etc.




Treasurer department

Breed directors


Dr. Zaalov Victor

Int. judge SH - WCF
Owner of Don Sphynx cattery "Mago De Levua"
(Experience 8 years)


Др. Заалов Виктор

Main Registrator of the club

Mrs. Natalia Solodkov 
Judge pupil (LH-SLH, WCF) 

  Sub director of breeder comm., felinologyst, owner of Persian and Exotic short hair cattery "Solo-Nik"
(Experience 12 years)

Генеральный секретарь клуба Г-жа Солодкова Наталья

Vice President of the club

Mrs. Vera Marchenko
Judge pupil (SH-SOSH, WCF)

 Breeder - felinologyst, owner of Don Sphynx cattery  «THE FANTASY OF NATURE» 
President of "Cat Land" Saint Petersburg, Russia

(Experience 14 years)

Вице президент клуба Г-жа Марченко Вера


 Club secretary

2-й секретарь клуба - место вакантно

Show manager of the club and show hall team director

Mrs. Victoria Goldner
Main steward

Breeder - felinologyst, onwer of Siamise and Oriental cat cattery  "Indigo*IL"
(Experience 6 years)

Шоу менеджер клуба